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The Solomon Islands

Almost one thousand tropical islands stretching in a gentle arc from the eastern end of Papua New Guinea to the northern reaches of Vanuatu. Dominated by ocean expanses, dense green rain forest, endless blue lagoons, stunningly diverse coral reefs, and prolific fish life. Populated by Melanesians and Polynesians, the majority of who live in traditional rural villages and utilise traditional skills, knowledge and 'kastom' in their daily lives.

Marovo Lagoon

Marovo Lagoon is the longest saltwater lagoon in the world. The two major volcanic islands of Vangunu and New Georgia bound it on its southern and western sides. The northern boundary consists of 130 kms of raised barrier reef with about 100 individual islands along its length. A smaller third volcanic island, Gatakae Island, occupies the southeastern corner. The inner lagoon also has numerous islands. With its many and complex terrestrial and marine habitats, the natural beauty and environment of Marovo Lagoon is outstanding. 

Uepi Island

A classic raised barrier reef island, covered in impressive rainforest, outlined by fringing reef and sandy beach; flanked by the warm lagoon waters on one side, and the oceanic depths (6000ft/2000m) of "The Slot", a deep marine abyss, on the other. Uepi Island is approximately 2.5 km long and 300 metres wide, and the whole area, aside from the resort's cultivated tropical gardens, is covered with tropical rainforest interspersed with walking tracks. Uepi Resort is the only occupier of this remote island.


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